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TwistUp! Productions

What is TwistUp!


TwistUp! Productions specialises in the hire of our beautiful 10m dome, unique gypsy caravans, the stage and catering/bar service. All of our equipment is suitable for woodland weddings, private events, workshops, christenings and fairs.

In stunning red candy and mirror polished stainless steel, the stage transforms venues large and small. Why not add this eye-catching stage to your event? Twist Up! also has some of the rarest, gypsy and vintage caravans in the country available for hire, for film and production, whatever the occasion. An excellent way to impress your friends. The caravans can be hired as exclusive accommodation with all the  luxuries, caravan style.

And don’t forget the delicious TwistUp! banquet and food bar – quality, flavour and good service make the dining experience an unforgettable one. We can decorate the area suitably for your event and also provide performers, musicians and dancers. Just ask us, we would be happy to help you.