TwistUp Productions

TwistUp! Productions

The Dome is a beautiful structure made of varnished wooden spars covered in canvas.


This amazing structure creates a great little space. It is quick and easy to erect and fantastic for that smaller party or area at a corporate event or festival. Why not use the dome alongside the Twist Up! stage as a venue to compliment the area. A bar, restaurant or front of house for the stage.

It’s simple bespoke design creates a stunning addition to your  festival, dance area, dinner party, wedding, film production and private events. The dome can be open with just a canvas cap or completely closed with up to 5 doors.
Dome dimensions:

  • Diameter = 10 metres
  • Floor area = 78.5 square metres
  • Standing area = 78.5 square metres
  • Height at roof centre = 5 metres
  • Height at door = 2.4 metres
  • 2 persons per square metre
  • Standing capacity = 100 people

Ramps fitted for wheelchair access.