TwistUp Productions

TwistUp! Welcomes 2014

Festivals season planning is underway for the fast approaching festivals of 2014…………..and the TwistUp! crew are ready……Bring it on!

V.I.P areas, concierge, luxury camping, beautiful mobile TwistUp! stage, TwistUp! tapas food bar………….. Hotel style camping in some of the rarest Gypsy camping trailers available. These caravans are stunning examples of there kinds and vary from the 1930’s to the 1990’s.

A real staying experience, whilst being looked after by the best.

TwistUp! mobile stage and 10m Dome add to the whole area, to create an excellent vibe and popular hang out.

We pride ourselves on our individuality, giving us freedom to be the best that we can be. To provide you with a welcome environment, good food and a great place to be.

Large corporations that are given the rights to sell ALL food or ALL alcohol at festivals, take away the cultural diversity that I and I hope others expect from festivals. They have no competitors and thus no onus on the quality and service they provide, not to mention the over inflated prices!

Less is more and we have attention to detail and friendly service on our side.

TwistUp! stage, dome and services can be hired individually, or as a complete V.I.P or not  area at festivals, weddings and other events large or small.

Weddings and weddings photo shoots. The whole wedding experience, staying in Gypsy trailers with Dome & catering, or just the Photo shoot back drop of the stunning stainless Gypsy trailers.

Everyones a V.I.P and we look forward to working with you Xx

Strummer of Love ’12